Executive Members


Louisa Olushoga, MD – Associate Board President

Louisa Olushoga was born and raised on the East Coast but has called Chicagoland home since 2008. After completing her undergraduate studies, she moved to Chicago to pursue her medical training. During her first year of her psychiatry residency, at the age of 27, Louisa was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. Her journey through cancer treatment as a doctor, wife, and mother of two daughters has shaped both her personal life and professional trajectory. Louisa joined the Komen Chicago Associate Board in 2017 and has served as the President since February 2018. She is passionate about supporting young breast cancer warriors and addressing the concerns unique to this population. In particular, she is dedicated to making the mental health struggles that come with treatment and recovery a speakable part of the process.





Jill Drury Pharm.D., BCOP, M.B.A.– Associate Board Vice President

Jill Drury joined the Komen Chicago Associate Board in 2017. Jill is a Medical Director and comes with over 20 years of healthcare experience. Jill has called Chicago home since 2003 and resides in River Forest with her husband John and son John “Jack” Jr.

Although Jill has specialized in breast cancer and oncology pharmacy, she brings with her a diversified and well-rounded career with significant patient interaction. She has held clinical pharmacy and teaching positions at Northwestern and Rush University along with an assortment of collaborative opportunities through Pharmacy Times publications. Jill’s strong advocacy for oral oncolytic adherence programs in the community and specialty setting earned her The Oncology Pharmacist Magazine’s Pharmacist of the Year title along with three Next-Generation Pharmacist award nominations.



Alena Mihas – Associate Board  Treasurer

Alena Mihas is a mother of two and a Vice President in the healthcare investment banking group at Jefferies. Apart from a full-time career, being a mom and a wife, Alena loves to read (aspires to read 50 books a year), work-out and travel the world (she has been to over 30 countries). Different cancers have affected her family at different places in their lives, but they have all been fortunate enough to survive. Alena’s passion for breast cancer, comes from not only being a woman, but seeing her mother and all of her aunts diagnosed at an early age. Alena believes that cancer is blind to age, sex, race and socio-economic status. She also believes it is important to ensure women are educated at an early age in order to take precautions in diagnosis and early treatment. Alena joined the Komen Chicago Associate Board to help ensure that women are well educated and that funds are placed in the hands of those who need help with education, diagnosis, treatment and / or therapy.




Hannah Willis – Communications Manager 

Hannah Willis was born and raised in North Carolina, but moved to Chicago after graduating from Vanderbilt in 2011. She is a software engineer of business intelligence products. At age 21, Hannah underwent a lumpectomy and subsequently, breast reconstruction. She has taken these steps to prevent further breast and ovarian cancers because of her hereditary genetics traits. She is passionate about educating younger women about BRCA genetic testing, preventative screening, and fertility. She wishes to make the discussion of women’s health approachable and insightful for younger women.


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