MBC Impact Series

Susan G. Komen® is committed to changing the unacceptable reality that more than 42,000 people in the U.S. are expected to die of breast cancer every year.

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body. As the most advanced stage of breast cancer—also known as Stage IV – MBC causes nearly all of the breast cancer deaths each year in the United States.

To help support those living with metastatic breast cancer, we’ve created the MBC Impact Series. These events bring the metastatic breast cancer community together to share information and provide support. They also serve as a forum dedicated to the care, learning and sharing among MBC patients, care givers, co-survivors, advocates, researchers, and partners. Please check back often, we will continually be hosting new MBC Impact Series events throughout the year.


Upcoming Events

Mila Furman Healthy Cooking Demonstration on Facebook Live

Mila Furman

Girl and The Kitchen

Mila Furman is a private chef, recipe developer and a culinary influencer known as Girl and The Kitchen, a thriving private chef and boutique catering company in the Chicago area, specializing in servicing many homes on the North Shore. Mila believes in “Good Food. Done Right.” Having worked in many incredible restaurant kitchens as a chef, Mila knows what it takes to make wholesome and delicious food with simple ingredients and bright flavors! She believes that anyone can make great tasting food by knowing a few of the tips of the trade. For more information, visit https://girlandthekitchen.com.

August 21, 2020:
Virtual MBC Conference

The Annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference has been thoughtfully planned by a small committee of women living with metastatic breast cancer. The Planning Committee designed the agenda to provide conference participants with an opportunity to:

(1) Learn about scientific breakthroughs and emerging treatment options
(2) Discover different ways to improve quality of life on a daily basis
(3) Gain support and build community

The conference is geared towards people living with metastatic breast cancer but is open to breast cancer patients of all stages.

Over the course of the conference, presenters will cover the biology of metastatic breast cancer, advances in treatment, emerging research, clinical trials, as well as address the psychological and social issues faced by those living with MBC and caregivers.

The conference is free to attend, but you must be registered. For more information, or to register, please visit our MBC Conference Page

**To view recordings of past MBC Conferences, please visit our Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer page

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