Virtual Key to Life Program Toolkit

Thank you for supporting our mission by participating in our Key to Life program. We hope you learn about breast self awareness. As a reminder, submit your 25 key chain along with the evaluations, pledge cards, and assessments in the pre-postage envelope provided.

Have fun and remember to send us your great pictures of your event! #Key2Life

Key to Life Presentation
Step 1
How To

  1. Have your guests fill out the provided pre-test individually. Should take no longer than 5 minutes. If guests do not know an answer it is okay! They will learn the information throughout the presentation.
  2. Present the information using the power point and instructor toolkit to your guests!
  3. Have your guests fill out the post tests.
  4. Watch the keychain making instructional video and create 50 keychains! Make sure to notice the sizes of the beads and what they represent!
  5. Encourage your entire party to do the Commitment Challenge using our Pledge Cards!
  6. Pass out any educational materials that are provided.
  7. Fill out a program evaluation card.
  8. Encourage your guests to post on social media using #Key2Life and tagging Susan G. Komen Chicago & CTCA
  9. When you’re finished, place 25 keychains, the pre/post-tests, applicable pledge cards, and evaluation in the prepaid envelope, and drop it off at your local post office!
Step 2
Virtual Key to Life Presentation


Step 3
Video & Picture Keychain Guide

Video Tutorial


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